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We can achieve more with your help!

To donate to the British Australian Community is to aid us in representing Anglo-Australians in all ways including local, state and federal matters. Without our vigilant attention to the rapidly changing landscape of Australia, there will be no voice for British Australians that is not under state control and subservient to it’s authority. This crucial objective is the primary statement of our communities constitution and is necessary if we wish to have a future that is free from the influence of greed, predation, parasitism and malicious discrimination.

Your support is far from simply engaging in bureaucratic matters but in the maintenance and progression of British Australian culture itself. We peruse this object of our constitution by offering public information on our website and in person to our members as well as cultivating a living community with events such as our annual festival called Britfest.

Like all people we wish to flourish and live in peace, please support us in this endeavour.